Guest comments

Thanks to everyone who has posted their comments about my show on the Facebook page. Here is just  a selection:


What a great performance on the Disney Cruise the week of the 10th. We even bought a DVD. Happy Travels

– Renea Wilder Gaucher


Hi Scott,
Just wanted to say we saw your show onboard the Disney Magic last week, absolutely fantastic. Amazing performance & how the hell you did the ‘saw the woman in half one’ I have no idea!
Great finish to the show too with the personal touch when you first started out.
Keep up the great work
We just returned from a cruise and saw your show twice and it is absolutely incredible! We really enjoyed it! Hope to see it again sometime!

– Lee Thompson


We loved your show on the Magic at the end of August. And you were incredibly nice to my aspiring magician six-year-old. Keep up the great work!

– Andrew Becker


Brilliant show! Loved every minute! Can’t wait to see you again in near future xx
Saw you on the disney magic this week and you were amazing! Look forward to seeing you again and will be following you! Thank you for the best magician show I have seen in a long time x

– Megan Brand


Hey Scott saw you on the Disney Magic cruise last week with the family. Really enjoyed your show, a true professional. All the best Simon.

– Simon Kates


Hi Scott , this is Roger, Rosaline’s husband from the Magic disney cruise… Remember??? The kids enjoyed so much your show ! By the way i have few pictures for you which am going to post tomorrow on Facebook … see you online

– Roger Hinnawi


I was on the cruise, and enjoy your two shows very much as well as Pete Matthews’ and ‘Alfred and seymour.’s I also love Grant Norman’s concert on the cruise. I hope you didn’t miss that! and wished Disney would changed its policy and let us video tape in its theater!

– Eileen Play


My kids still haven’t stopped talking about Scott Pepper since seeing you on the Wonder. They think its perfect that a magician is on the Magic and keep asking us to book another cruise to see you!

– Michelle Filippo Catanzariti


You were fantastic! I was very glad I got to see your show!

– Nicole Fasone


My four year old daughter cannot stop talking about Scott Pepper and how he drew a woman and made her appear!

– Michelle Filippo Catanzariti


Fantastic job this past week, my daughter walked around saying “I just loved that Pepper guy!”

– Phil Stockman


Great shows this week! My daughter and son are sitting at dinner repeating “I’m Scott Pepper!” all while imitating your awesome accent! And… My son now wants to be a Magician when he grows up!

– Keith Layne


And I was part of the audience, loved your show!!!

– Melissa Lopez


SCOTT PEPPER!! You did some great shows on the Disney Wonder last week! Glad you were a part of our cruise vacation!

– Shalon Given


Yes we really enjoyed your shows on the Wonder, April 13-18, especially the one with the little boy,Si, as your assistant.Ha!

– Julie Coates Sims

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