The Shows

Scott can offer everything from one off appearances to a full night of Magic and Illusion.

The Magic of Scott Pepper is a High octane magic and illusion show, that combines amazing magic, hilarious comedy and breath taking illusions.

Some of the effects featured in the show :

  • Watch in amazement as we make a full size motorcycle appear from nowhere.
  • Scott pours 6 real drinks from one genuine juice carton.
  • The audience will question if what they are watching is reality when they witness a girl grow to 4 times her size, then shrink down to the size of a Barbie doll.
  • One of Houdini’s most famous escapes was the straight jacket escape. Scott pays tribute to Houdini by attempting a version of the escape that would have made Houdini himself nervous.
  • You will believe that teleportation isn’t just science fiction as Scott travels from one side of the theatre to the other in a split second

For Smaller venues:

Scott has being flying all over the world working for cruise ships and hotels and has created highly entertaining and humorous shows that can fit inside a suitcase making them perfect for fly on engagements.

Scott can tailor shows to any venue to make sure you get the most magic for your money.